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What delivery method is best for your project based on your comfort level between Risk and Reward?

Under Teamway’s Construction Management System, Teamway is the General Contractor who practices Construction Management. 

This system improves functionality, lowers the cost of building, and we manage the project for the Owner.  It does not add to the workload for the Owner, but does provide a peace that all control, knowledge, and savings have not been lost.

With that in mind, we have provided a high level list of Pre-construction consulting services:​

  • Needs Assessment

  • Team Selection Process

  • Financial Evaluation with preliminary financing assistance and stewardship initiative

  • Preliminary Space Programming

  • Initial site feasibility assessment

  • Construction Document Collaboration

  • Integration of specialty “Team” members

  • Multiple Budget pricing and cost projections, including total project budget

  • Funding and Stewardship Strategy assistance

  • Pre-construction Scheduling and identification of long “lead” items

  • Project Communication, Strategy, and approval coordination

  • Assistance with and coordination of all “outside” approval processes, including permitting

  • Make sure you are compliant before you start the building process:

  • Insurance Confirmation and coordination

  • Trade Contractor Qualification

  • Notifications such as Notice to Proceed, Notice of Contract, etc.

  • Total Project Scheduling (including construction and non-construction items)

  • Finance Closing

  • Mobilization and start of construction

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