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Explore and understand “who” you are and “if/why” you should expand your physical facilities. If you need facilities to meet your objectives, our team can lead you through the best construction processes to meet your needs.

Teamway has managed construction projects all across the United States. Regardless of the scope of your construction goals, your geographic location or your prior building experience, Teamway can help.

  • ​​Consulting
  • General Contracting
  • Design/Build
  • Construction Management

We have performed all of the delivery systems listed. Saying that, we recommend Construction Management as the best approach using the framework and principles of Integrated Project Delivery to guide the process.​


management agency

Our Team serves in the role of the “lead” of the construction aspects of the project, in the same way most general contractors do, with the primary difference being that all vendor and trade contractor agreements are directly with the Owner…managed and led by Teamway.


management at risk

In this format, there is a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). Our Team provides a GMP to the Owner after the building permits have been obtained, but before the physical construction has begun so that everyone is clear about the maximum price based on the permitted scope of work.


management 4th party

This is also referred to as “Owner’s Rep” construction management.  We refer to it as “4th party” because we become the 4th party in the leadership team of the project, joining the Owner, the Architect and a General Contractor. We become part of your team, working with you for the best outcome.

Sourcing three decades of construction experience, Teamway has developed a construction delivery system that borrows the strongest elements of each construction delivery approach while seeking to eliminate or minimize the weak points. To learn more about our recommended delivery system and process, use the following links:



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